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Welcome to Centre for Brain and Spine in Dwarka for sciatica treatment in Delhi. Sciatica tingling and pain can make it difficult to do daily activities. But no more worries, Dr. Nagesh Chandra, a renowned top neurosurgeon in Delhi is here to treat your sciatica with his specialized expertise.

What is Sciatica?

Sciatica nerve

Sciatica is a condition in which patient experiences radiating pain of the sciatic nerve, the longest nerve in the human body. The sciatic nerve extends from the lower back, through the hips and buttocks, and down each leg. This condition affects one side of the body

The main cause of sciatica is compression or irritation of the sciatic nerve. due to herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or a bone spur on the spine.

It can be caused due to age-related changes in the spine, obesity, occupations that involve prolonged sitting and Pregnancy. Its diagnosis require lab tests such as X-rays or MRI scans to identify the root cause of the nerve compression.

Types of Sciatica explained by neurosurgery doctor in Delhi

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Lumbar Radiculopathy

Lumbar radiculopathy is the most common sciatica type that occurs when nerve roots in the lumbar spine (lower back) gets compressed. This compression is a caused by herniated disc, spinal stenosis, or degenerative disc disease.

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Piriformis Syndrome:

In piriformis syndrome, the sciatic nerve is compressed or irritated as it passes through or under the piriformis muscle in the buttocks. This might happen due to muscle spasms, injury, or inflammation.

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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis

In Lumbar spinal stenosis spinal canal narrows, putting pressure on the spinal cord and nerves, including the sciatic nerve. This narrowing is a result of aging, arthritis, or other degenerative changes in the spine.

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Sacroiliitis involves inflammation of the sacroiliac joints connecting the spine to the pelvis. Inflammation in this area can irritate the nearby sciatic nerve roots.

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Isthmic Spondylolisthesis

This condition involves the slipping of one vertebra over another, often leading to nerve compression, including the sciatic nerve.

What are the symptoms of Sciatica?

The main symptom is a sharp, shooting pain that starts in the lower back or buttocks and radiates down the leg, often reaching the foot. This pain can be mild ache to an excruciating sensation, disrupting body functions, regular taks and causing issues even during rest.

Along with pain, patients experience numbness or tingling in the affected leg. This sensory disturbance often follows sciatic nerve and can go in in the buttocks, thigh, calf, or foot. Weakness in the leg muscles is symptom, making it challenging to perform routine movements like walking or standing.

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Facing any of such symptoms?

When to see a doctor

If you are feeling persistent pain, tingling in your legs, hips or at one side of body, difficulty in walking or sitting, immediately consult a spine specialist doctor. You can check details of sciatica symptoms 

Sciatica treatment in Delhi

Sciatica Treatment

Neurosurgeons apply a combination of treatments including medicines,ointments to reduce symptoms. Physical therapy is also recommended to strengthen core muscles, and correct posture.

In some cases, epidural steroid injections is used directly into the affected area to provide temporary relief by reducing inflammation around the nerve roots.

Sciatica surgery

Surgery options for sciatica involve decompression procedures, like discectomy or laminectomy. During a discectomy, the surgeon removes a portion of the herniated disc that is compressing the nerve, while a laminectomy involves removing a section of the spinal canal’s bony structure to relieve pressure on the nerve roots.

It involves risks including infection and nerve damage.

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